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    We investigate, grow, produce and sell products derived from hemp


About Us

Innovaterra is a Uruguayan company dedicated to the investigation, production and industrialization of medicinal hemp. We are part of the Chamber of Medical Cannabis Companies of Uruguay (CECAM), the Commercial and Industrial Center of Salto and the Chamber of Industries of Uruguay. We have licenses for Investigation and Development, Production and Extraction by the Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA). Our main objective is the production of resin, especially CBD - the main component of the plant, non-psychoactive, with multiple uses and positive impacts on the quality of human and animal life - destined for the global nutraceutical and medicinal market. In our facilities located in Salto, Uruguay, we have a complete laboratory for extraction, purification and distillation, so we can process our product faster and in higher volumes than most CBD suppliers. At Innovaterra we also focus on the investigation and development of varieties with a high content of CBD and low THC (less than 0.5%)



Why Uruguay?

Uruguay has competitive advantages in the region, given that it is positioned as a pioneer within Latin America by opportunely enabling cultivation with clear procedures for this type of agro-industrial development.

Likewise, it has an attractive and timely legal framework for companies that want to insure or increase their counter-season production or innovative companies that wish to start in business. The versatility of hemp provides commercial and productive opportunities and technology development.

Additionally, Uruguay offers the following differential qualities as a destination country for hemp ventures:

  • An optimal institutional environment
  • Good relationship with the Academy
  • Freedom and flexibility in research, work and technical capacities
  • Financial and social stability, which reduces the risk for business activities
  • A favorable regulatory framework, with legislation at the national level that enables the development of agricultural, industrial and commercial ventures and enables the country's participation in new international markets
  • Suitable agroclimatic conditions for hemp cultivation
  • Located in the southern hemisphere, Uruguay enjoys reverse seasons, offering Innovaterra the opportunity to become an off-season supplier for North American, European and Pacific companies that demand extracts of cannabinoids, seeds, oils and fibers to enable uninterrupted production of your products.

What do we do?


The company is committed to the investigation and development of varieties, agricultural systems, products and processes. In 2018 we registered our first variety: Interra 1801, which has 17% CBD and 0.5% THC. We continue working and investigating with our exclusive hemp genetics for the development of plants with a high content of CBG, CBN and CBC, non-psychoactive cannabis compounds. All the varieties we develop are not genetically modified.


Our hemp is grown in strict compliance with the Cannabis Law of Uruguay (No. 19.172), using OECD-certified seed and agricultural protocols, and respecting the Agricultural and Drug Collection Best Practices of the World Health Organization (WHO-GACP). We are also working on GMP (Good Management Practices) certifications. For the 2019-2020 period we have projected the production of 200 hectares with Interra 1801. Innovaterra is committed to the development of efficient producers of this new crop through the Associated Producers Program, which consists of a selection of producers in different areas of the country who will be introduced to hemp production under the license of Innovaterra.


Once we have the biomass through the plant, it is classified, dried and prepared for the extraction process. We have a drying capacity of thirty tons per day. The extraction of phytocannabinoids is carried out in an extraction line designed and built in Uruguay with a capacity of 1,500 kilos per day, working with ethanol as a solvent. The distillation process for solvent recovery is performed under vacuum, which gives the resins the most possible purity. From them, through the processes of winterization, decarboxylation and fractionation, we obtain high quality basic products for our customers.


Innovaterra is dedicated to the wholesale market, specifically to the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries around the world.

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Innovaterra In Numbers

  • 3 licenses:

  • production, investigation and development, industrialization

  • 1,200 m2

  • dedicated to the conditioning (classification, drying, chopping and packaging) and storage of biomass in our industrial plant

  • 200 hectares

  • of sowing expected for the 2019/2020 period

  • 2500 kg/ha

  • is the expected yield of dried biomass

  • 1,500 kg

  • of dry biomass per day is our extraction capacity

Our Location

We are located in Salto, a department in the northwest og Uruguay. Our property, El Espinillar, is an extension of more than 6,000 hectares of irrigated agricultural land on the banks of the Salto Grande reservoir, of 78,000 hectares. The scalability and productive advantages of the land together with an unlimited water source allow a vertical integration of the production processes.

Uruguay is positioned as a pioneer in the industry in Latin America: it has an attractive legal framework for companies that want to ensure or increase their production off-season or innovative companies that want to start business, an optimal institutional environment, financial and social stability, suitable agroclimatic conditions for these crops, qualified workforce and excellent connectivity with the region and the world.

Our Mission And Values

Innovaterra is committed to producing healthy hemp.derived products. Our values include the promotion of teamwork, continuous learning, commitment to our people and a socially responsible operation.

We constantly control the quality of our processes and products, supplying only the best to the market. We strive to be better farmers and improve the efficiency and sustainability of our production methods.

We believe that the focus on research adds value to our products and our processes and, therefore, to our customers.

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Contact Information

Uruguay 891 - Oficina 3, CP50000 – Salto, URUGUAY
+(598) 4733-2610